Monday Morning Mobile Stats: U.S. Mobile User Behavior

All gung-ho to go mobile? Remember that consumers behave in different ways. In a Monday morning nutshell, here are a few U.S. mobile user stats gleaned from Collider Media’s AMA Webcast: “They Come and Go” on Mobile.


Check out this Nielsen Infographic on The Digital Black Consumer and Mobile Advertising:

And take note of this mobile stat in Dissecting Diversity: Understanding the Ethnic Consumer:

  • Black Americans use more mobile voice minutes per month (1,261) than any other group

Then add these points from Multiethnic communities and mobile marketing:

  • “African-Americans access social media more frequently than the mainstream and, according to Arbitron, use Twitter more than any other ethnic group.”


Latinos form the core of projected U.S. growth in the next 40 years:

And, according to Nielsen’s recent State of the Hispanic Consumer: The Hispanic Market Imperative report, Hispanic mobile users:

  • Send or receive 941 SMS (text) messages a month, more than any other ethnic group
  • Make 13 phone calls per day, 40% more than the average U.S. mobile user
  • Spend 68% more time watching video on the Internet and 20% more time watching video on their mobile phones than non-Hispanic whites

Plus, as of March 2012, datum from Nielsen’s Mobile Insights indicates that:

  • Almost 3 in 5 Hispanic mobile subscribers use Smartphones


Asian American and Pacific Islanders have been the quickest to adopt Smartphones:

What’s more, as the article in Dissecting Diversity: Understanding the Ethnic Consumer points out, Asian American mobile users:

  • Stream the most online video, averaging 10 hours and 39 minutes in February 2012 – more than double the overall mean of 4 hours and 20 minutes


So what does all this mean for your mobile marketing strategy?

  • As with every initiative, it means one campaign does not fit all.

Consumer trust in mobile advertising is growing (see Nielsen’s latest Global Trust in Advertising report), but it still has a long way to go. If you don’t want to waste your marketing dollars, your team needs to understand that U.S. mobile owners use their phones in different ways. Hispanic Americans out-text others; Asian Americans stream the most online video.

  • Target the mobile channels your consumer prefers (apps, text, display ads, video etc.)
  • And cross-fertilize with their preferred social media avenues

(If you’re looking for real-life examples, have a gander at Navigating the Digital Ocean: Cross Channel Marketing Strategies from iProspect.)


Ethnic groups are only one piece of the mobile puzzle. Mobile user behavior will also vary according to:

  • Gender
  • Single/Married
  • Age Range
  • Shopping Preferences
  • Education Level
  • City/Living Area
  • Income Level
  • Language ability (e.g. Multilingual)
  • Kids/No Kids
  • Occupation

and so forth.

Mobile marketing may be the coolest tool on block, but know thy customer remains one of the fundamental commandments.


Looking for more on mobile strategy? Check out:

Or simply contact me for a free consultation.

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