Cool Web Features on Hot eCommerce Sites

It’s Friday in July! So ditch the thinking cap, strap on your imagination and get an eyeful of these super-cool web features on eCommerce sites.


Oh, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

  1. You give me a sliding bar to dictate my price range (cf.
  2. Your “refine by” categories are inspired (Street Style? Who knew?).
  3. You have a featured editorial (just in case I’m struggling for guidance).
  4. You allow me to view by Gallery or List.
  5. You have a canny collapsible “TELL ME MORE” bar that I assume gives you an added boost of SEO:

GiftGenies Collapsible Section Tell Me More

Special Note:

Gift Genies is not a true eCommerce site – they don’t actually sell anything of their own. They’re a savvy aggregator backed by human expertise. They source the items and provide the links to third-party retailers (like

  • Props to D3R for the web design.


NotontheHighStreet Themed Collection

As the English would say, is, quite simply, lovely jubbly. Look at the:

  • “Ask Us” button that slides down the page as you go – customer service is always at your fingertips.
  • Themed collections for the time-conscious or floundering shopper (remember that too much choice is overwhelming).
  • Elegant rollover feature that pops up when you hover over a product:

NotontheHighStreet Rollover Feature

All the major details, including the mandatory customer rating/review section can be seen at a glance. I know delivery times and cost + personalization and gift wrapping options. Sweet.

Special Note:

Each Product Page has a Pinterest button, in addition to other social media sharing options.

  • If you’re selling products, include a PinIt button. Customers shop with their eyes.
  • Props to the in-house design team – the site was a 2011 Webby Official Honoree.


Sooper dooper slick! has a limited stock but unlimited imagination. Check out the:

  • Collapsible Color Picker. As soon as you drag a color swatch to an item, you get this: Color PickerUrbanEars Tanto Specs

Complete with:

  • Price + Buy Now buttons at the top of the page.
  • Easy-click slideshow (if you’re inclined to see all of the product images).
  • Fabulous icons and infographics displaying technical data. That includes the black one above and: Technical Data

Special Note:

Urban Ears has one very special feature that many eCommerce sites neglect to provide:

  • Product Video - this is especially important with appliances and technology-driven products. Vimeo or YouTube posts boost your SEO credibility and give potential customers yet another pathway to your products. Make sure you optimize your Video title and descriptions with appropriate keywords.
  • Props to Oakwood Creative for the web design – this site was a 2012 Webby Official Honoree.


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