Street Marketing Smarts: Som Sabadell & Photoville

Ready for some fresh air thinking? Breathe life into your next street marketing initiative with these examples.


Smart Mobs (aka Flash Mobs) have been around for some time, but this ode to joy is particularly pleasing. Why?

  • As a plug for Banco Sabadell, it’s understated, joyous and inclusive – presumably the qualities the bank embodies.
  • It reaches beyond regular customers to embrace the community – in this case, a worldwide one.
  • It uses local musicians from local arts institutions (which ties in with the theme of “Som Sabadell: We are Sabadell”).

Not everyone has Beethoven’s 9th symphony at their fingertips, but there are plenty of hungry artists about. You could…

The trick, as always, is to tie your initiative to your brand message.

  • Make a list of 3 things you want your audience to know about you.
  • Stick to it.


Break down the walls. As Photoville proves, you can take a message anywhere:

  • With a fleet of shipping containers and the agreement of Brooklyn’s local authorities, Photoville transformed Brooklyn Bridge Park into a temporary exhibition space.
  • There were plenty of engagement elements, including lectures, workshops, nighttime projections, a photo dog-run, a camera obscura, a photographic greenhouse with camera flowers, etc.
  • Plus a beer garden and food stalls to keep blood sugar levels stable.

If you’re bored with the same old, your audience is too. You could…

  • Take advantage of disused spaces – lots, empty buildings, places where your local government would like to see some life.
  • Seek out stimulating partnerships – improv comedy in public gardens, farmer’s markets in city parks, music in museums – find your audience’s sweet spot.
  • Make it more than an event – Photoville gave audiences lots of reasons to return. Think about engaging your audience before/during/after your initiative.

As always, don’t forget to promote like heck through all your channels – online & off.


Marketers may argue that this is brilliant, but it made me queasy. Guns don’t belong on streets.

  • Street marketing is not always controllable. Think carefully about the consequences of your actions.


Want more ways to weave the web into the street? Have a look at:

Or simply contact me to start throwing around ideas.

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