Create Your Own News: How The Hollywood Reporter Generates Web Traffic & Ad Revenue

Not too long ago (as profiled in the New York Times article, From Has-Been to Life of the Party), The Hollywood Reporter was dust on the shelf. Now thanks to some canny event marketing strategies and a focus on news generation, this entertainment publication has got its gloss back.

Here are a few pointers to take from its success…


Like Vanity Fair, The Hollywood Reporter hosts Hollywood parties, especially around Oscar season. In 2013, it became the media sponsor of the Night Before Party, a fundraiser awash with big players in the entertainment industry.

Creating popular events has a few important benefits for The Hollywood Reporter. It:

  • Attracts advertisers who are invested in experiential marketing campaigns
  • Helps its reporters cultivate inside sources
  • Generates news, photos & gossip

If you’re struggling to attract online hits or press attention, consider getting up close and personal with your target audience. Events make headlines and create business opportunities.


Hollywood is no place for the shy and retiring. When Janice Min, THR’s Editor-In-Chief, took over the publication, the trade newspaper was stuffy, dull and dying.

So she and her staff reinvented it:

  • THR began developing a distinctive voice – the lynchpin of any publication.
  • Their website and print magazine were re-engineered to look slick and savvy.
  • With solid investment, hiring increased 35-45% (with Min luring folks from New York to the sunshine)

There’s no excuse for a bad design. If you want to gain respect, hire the right people to create a responsive, multi-device website and an unforgettable brand image. You spend money in the beginning to gain more at the end.


Sometimes it’s better to start anew than try to fix what’s broken. As reported in Media Bistro, Min is on record saying:

“One of the phrases that one of the owners or execs around here used was “You can’t fall from the floor.” There was only an upside, really. People here were pretty happy to openly disparage The Hollywood Reporter in its previous incarnation. It was almost sport out here. It was great to change the narrative of what The Hollywood Reporter is.”

The results of THR’s bold moves have been impressive:

  • Ad sales rose more than 50%
  • Web traffic increased by more than 800% (attracting more than 10 million unique visitors)


As a copywriter and online marketer, I can help.

Talk to me about your challenge. 

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